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Brow Artistry & Facial Waxing

Brow Artistry

My origins in Makeup Artistry and passion for brows have helped me perfect the art of brow design and shaping. The key to brow artistry is to make sure every eyebrow shape is unique to each individual. The latest trend in brows, whatever it may be, may not be the best for your face... I want my clients to feel groomed and gorgeous, not overwhelmed while reshaping the brow. Brow design services are created to discuss your  wants and needs. 

Face Waxing Menu

Brow Design ****                          $25

Brow Maintenance                      $15 

Forehead/hairline                       $12

Upper Lip                                       $5

Chin                                                $5 

Neck  (anything below the jaw)                $8            Full Face                                       $40

Tint | Lift | Lamination

Brow Design begins with a brow consultation to discuss brow needs and desires. All brow waxes include waxing, tweezing, and meticulous trimming, and Brow Design is where Brow Mapping is included to ensure facial symmetry is obtained - that is the KEY to that perfect Arch! Custom tinting is available to help with making your brows look fuller and help with product application within the week ahead. I'm also available to go through a brow and product application tutorial with Arch Addicts Brow products. This extra attention to time and detail ensures all brow questions are answered.

Brow Tint ****                               $35

Brow Lamination                         $90 

Lash Tint                                      $25

Lash Lift                                       $90

Lash Lift+Tint                               $110

****If you have never had your brows waxed at Savage Skin before, you must schedule a "Brow Design" for your first Brow appointment, even if you have had your brows waxed somewhere else previously. This ensures the proper amount of time for a consultation.

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