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The Urban Dictionary Defines "Savage" as:

1. {adjective}: An act that is either cool, badass or hardcore, going beyond the normal scope of the given situation.

2.  {noun}: A person who often displays savage behaviour according to the above definition. 

What does that definition mean for you? It means that whether you entrust me with your skin for expert, experienced waxing or to provide you with the latest in Advanced Skin Treatments (acne, anti-aging, pigmentation issues etc) - or if you're simply coming in to be pampered, both you and your skins health will be my utmost priority, and working with you, I will go above and beyond to have you looking and feeling your very best.

Why "Savage"?

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide a world-class spa experience where beauty, knowledge, and customized skin treatments combine with the most advanced and environmentally friendly products available to make a difference in our guests lives.  Our ongoing goal is to build enduring and rewarding relationships with our community thru knowledge, wellness and superior service. 

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