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Results vs Fluff

Wix JS SDK [if lte IE 8]> <style type="text/css"> body{background-color:#EFEFEF;}.content {background-color:#FFFFFF;}.caption p, .caption {color:#484848 !important;}.caption p a, .url a, .url p a{color:#666 !important; border-bottom-color: #666;}.title, .title > a {color:#3b0663 !important;}.tag a{color:#666666 !important;}.datebox .date {color:#484848 !important;}.pagelink.current, .pagelink, .pagelink a {color:#666666 !important;border-bottom-color: #666666;}.back-link a {color:#666666 !important;}.tag-title {color:#333333 !important;}.read_more {color:#333333 !important;}.sidebar .tag-cloud a {color:#FFFDFD !important;}.sidebar h2 {color:#3b0663 !important;}.rec-date, .rec-title, .rec-title a {color:#FFFDFD !important;}.left-column {border-right: 1px solid #f8f8f8} </style> <![endif]The initial plan for my Friday blog was something completely different than "Results vs Fluff". Then the following quotes were parts of conversations I had this week, with multiple people: "I didn't know Aestheticians could help with Acne, I just always assumed you had to go to the Dermatologist!" "I googled you! I mean, I googled what you do vs what a Dermatologist does, I had no idea you did so much! I need your help!" "I didn't know you could help me with my dark spots!"


"Well I know alot of people really like getting facials, I just thought they went to relax that's all...."

From the moment the person said she didn't know that Aestheticians work on people with acne, I KNEW I had to hit this topic as soon as possible, covering what it is that I do and my philosophy about why I want you to trust your skin to me. Let's start out with my philosophy: I truly, genuinely, want to help you LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN. Whatever type of skin you have, whatever you have going on with it (fine lines, severe laxity, hyperpigmentation, acne, scars, or completely healthy and you want it to stay that way) - I want to work with you to get it to the point where you LOVE IT. It's right there, it's on your face, it's the first thing people see when they meet you or greet you. I want to help you heal it and keep it healthy. I want you to be confident and to feel good about it. I want you to feel like you only need to wear makeup when you want to, for fun, as an enhancement - not as a coverup or a mask. THAT'S what I'm all about. So, what do I mean by Results vs Fluff? In the more "Fluff Driven" Aesthetics practices, their main goal is for you to relax, feel like you're doing something luxorious. The products smell pretty and delicious, but they lack active ingredients. They tend to want to sell you a bunch of skincare products as you walk out the door, but they really don't care if they're working for you, or if it's a regimen that is right for you, because they know everything smelled good and felt good even though it really didn't do anything, so you'll be back for that mirage of "feel good". Not all Aestheticians and DaySpas are "Fluff", but alot of them are. Let's just be honest: I'm not a "Fluff" kind of girl. When you come see me for a treatment, of course you're going to relax. And YES, it is going to smell pretty haha - as a matter of fact, a young lady walked into the studio a few weeks ago and exclaimed "WOW, it SMELLS relaxing in here! I don't know what that smell is, but if relaxation had a smell, THAT would be it!!" But my NUMBER ONE focus as a "Results Driven" kind of girl is to help you see and feel a REAL difference in your skin when we're done. I only use professional, cosmeceutical grade products and modalities to provide results driven, customized treatments and solutions for your skin. I want to help you figure out what is the right skincare regimen for YOU. Some of the treatments I provide are customized facials, Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Treatments, Rezenerate Treatments, Chemical Peels and much much more... each treatment customized to YOU and YOUR skin type and condition. I work with people to not only clear up their acne, but to help control it. I help people eliminate fine lines, and hyperpigmentation, and to prevent both from coming back. I help people reduce the appearance of scars. And, of course, I have people that come in simply for a deep cleansing, relaxation and pampering on a regular basis... and even those people also see a difference in their skin as well at the end of a treatment. (I also love to wax! Brow shaping, lip and face waxing, full body waxing (arms, legs, bikini, etc) and I specialize in Brazilian Bikini. I love to help women and girls go weeks without having to shave. To help them eliminate ingrown hair issues. to not have to deal with dark folicles even tho they've just shaved.) There is a place for both "Results" and "Fluff" esthetics...but I think that industry wise, we need to work harder to make sure that the public knows that this industry is not all "Fluff", and that there are alot of experienced, results driven Aestheticians that are dedicated to helping you truly "Love The Skin You're In". I'm here for YOU, and for anyone that you think could benefit from my skills. If you or anyone you know has questions about their skin, or issues going on with their skin - PLEASE, have them call me. If I can't answer their questions over the phone, consultations with me are always complimentary. I'm here to share my knowledge, help people keep up-to-date with the ever advancing industry and science and help you to have gorgeous, healthy skin.


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