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8 AWESOME Reasons To Wax Your Body

I hear this a lot: “Why in the world would anybody rip their hair out like that?”. So, let’s start out by going over some of the Awesomeness that is waxing: 1. Once you have established a waxing regimen, you literally go WEEKS without hair. (to be explained later). 2. Once you maintain your waxing regimen for an extended amount of time, your hair will become finer, and thinner, and barely noticeable in the days before you next wax appointment. 3. You know when you’re in the shower, you shave your legs, you get out of the shower and it’s cold, so you end up feeling a little bit of “stubble” with your goose bumps? That does NOT happen at all when you wax, because there is no hair in the follicle to pop out with the goose bumps. 4. That “stubbly” feeling that occurs as shaved hair grows out, the feeling that gives you “stubbly” legs and an “itchy” bikini line? You don’t have that when you wax, because it’s a new, never been cut hair that is growing out of the follicle, not an established hair that has been blunt cut just at the skin. 5. For those of us that have darker hair, lighter skin tone – ever notice that when you shave your legs or your underarms that it still looks like you need to shave? Even though your legs & underarms are baby smooth? That’s because you still have hair in the follicle! And you can see it! When you wax, those hairs are removed from the follicle, and that is what gives you truly silky smooth underarms and legs and the smoothness is visible! 6. Sensitivity to shaving is a common problem… rashes & razor bumps are a serious and uncomfortable issue for a lot of people. Some people are just sensitive in general, some are more susceptible to bacteria, and razors are a cesspool for bacteria. These sensitivities are usually alleviated by waxing, particularly because we wax in a clean & sterile environment. 7. Shorter showers/Shorter Getting ready time: I’m just going to say that my showers involve me cleansing my body, exfoliating my body and then hydrating my body on the way out. 10 minutes. No shaving anything. That alone is enough reason to wax for most. 8. People who have a predisposition to ingrown hairs are far less likely to have ingrowns when waxing.

Did I mention that you go WEEKS WITHOUT HAIR? 3 WEEKS OF SMOOTH LEGS. That’s just the major points of AWESOMENESS, let’s just cover the not so Awesome points so that people don't say I'm ridiculously positive - and then I'll get on to the explanations… *You need to make the commitment to go to your wax appointments every 4 weeks. The first one is a bit longer than the others, after the first time, you are in and out fairly quickly! (15minutes for a Brazilian is the average follow-up appointment). I wax alot of people during their lunch hour. *The first time, it doesn’t feel great. For some people it might hurt, for others, it’s simply uncomfortable. After that first time tho, it’s less painful. And there are different tricks I go over with you to help alleviate some of the sensitivity some people have. (explanation later) *The first time you wax, you WILL have hair growth BEFORE your 4 week appointment. But stick with it and it’ll all come together. (explanation later) That’s it. Now on to the cool science behind the Awesomeness & not-so Awesomeness. Hair grows on a 90 day cycle… When you are waxed the first time, most of the hair is in the Anagen phase. This matters because this is when each hair has the strongest, largest root within the follicle. Breaking that “root bond” is why an initial waxing may be uncomfortable. This is also why the 4 week follow-up is so important – by the 4th week, new baby hair is in the Early Anagen phase in those follicles that were previously waxed and hasn’t developed a strong hold into the follicle yet. This 2nd wax 4 weeks later is about 25-35% less painful than your previous/first wax because of the majority of the hair still in that Early Anagen phase. Now, the first time you wax, you WILL end up seeing hair/growth approximately 1 to 2 weeks later, and you’ll ask yourself “Why did I go thru this just to have hair again!?” Well, first off, don’t panic. Secondly, it won’t be a lot of hair that you’re seeing, but you’ll see some none-the-less. That hair you are seeing after a week or two is NOT hair that was just waxed, it’s hair that hadn’t grown out yet from a previous shave… that’s why it will also feel stubbly. Hair that has been waxed won’t grow back with a stubbly feeling, it grows back soft, because it’s brand new hair, not hair that has been blunt cut with a razor. Remember, hair grows on a 90 day cycle. DO NOT SHAVE THIS HAIR!! DO NOT SHAVE BETWEEN YOUR WAXING APPOINTMENTS! We WANT all of those hairs to come up, and to get it on the same growth cycle. We want to go WEEKS without having any hair, but we have to be patient the first couple of times to get to that point. So, leave it be, it’s not as noticeable as you think, hang tight til that 4 week appointment, where we will snatch this stubble that’s finally growing out AND the new growth that we waxed that first visit. Remember, 2nd wax will be 25-35% less painful than the first. Between your 2nd and your 3rd wax, you will also see a few more of those previously shaven hairs pop up at about 1 to 2 weeks post wax…. Again, don’t shave them! This is MORE of previously shaved hairs coming up on their own time, because they are on a different growth cycle. And, this 3rd wax will be approximately 25-35% less painful than the 2nd wax you went thru. After that 3rd wax, it all balances out and remains at that level, which is completely tolerable. And after that 3rd wax is when you will go 3 weeks with smooooooth legs! Smooth bikini! The hair will start to arrive in that last week before your appointment, it’s baby fine. It’s not stubbly. It’s thinner (as in, there is less of it than there ever was) and it is generally NOT noticeable to others, yet there is enough for me to wax when your appointment day arrives. The longer you can go with regular wax appointments, the weaker those hair follicles become and a lot of them will completely quit growing hair, so you won’t have to worry about growing hair any more. Now, that takes years to get to that point, but I have many clients that have waxed for decades and barely have any hair. Are YOU wanting to have a Shave-Free Summer? Then let’s get started NOW! If we start now, in March, then you’ll be 3 weeks hair free in time for Memorial Day! Who wouldn’t want that? If you're unsure, call me and we can set up a complimentary consultation where I can answer all of your questions and review any concerns.

Full Body Waxing

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