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       "Healthy Skin has no age, no gender, no color. When we use what is good for is, it will be good to us and we will see and feel the difference."

The Signature Facial

This results driven facial is the most requested treatment by our clients, leaving your skin looking supple, healthy and luminescent.  This multi-step facial is designed for your skin's specific needs and is formulated to restore firmness in your skin, resulting in visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles while restoring moisture and elasticity. As with all of our facials, it is customized to YOUR skin type & any conditions. (anti-aging, pigmentation, rosacea , acne, etc) Your skin will emerge nourished and revitalized.

$85 / Approx 75 minutes

24k Glow Treatment

This Luxurious anti-aging facial lifts & firms your skin, while reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.  This multi-step treatment incorporates the use of Oxygen Treatment, High Frequency and unique serums that are rich in vitamins, minerals, algin & essential trace elements that will restore balance to your skin.  The Gold Mask contains 24k Gold and seaweed extracts for revitalizing action.  You will leave with nourished, revitalized and radiant skin!

$150 / Approx 70+ minutes


Microdermabrasion, removes dead surface skin cells & discoloration, reduces appearance of pore size, and stimulates cell renewal & collegan production. You will achieve softer, smoother skin immediately. A series of treatments can can help minimize fine lines, acne scars & brown spots with no downtime. This treatment is great for all ages & most skin types & can be combined w/both masques and Chemical Peels. 

$75 - 45 minutes
(can be added to any Facial or Oxygen Treatment for +$25)

The 360° Treatment

This Pro-Youth Treatment incorporates pro & pre-biotic technology, rich in lactic acid, minerals and vitamins A and B, reinforcing your skin's natural defenses, while intensely moisturizing and invigorating your skin. This multi-step facial incorporates the use of Oxygen Treatment, High Frequency and unique serums loaded with powerful synergistic ingredients to strengthen your skin's barrier at a cellular level to help your skin back its youthful levels.


 $150 / Approx 70+ minutes

Oxygen Facial
The new MUST in skin care, Medical grade oxygen is delivered into your skin to detoxify, lift, and firm your skin along with peptides, stem cells, and cosmeceutical serums delivering absolutely radiant skin.  Great for special occasions, after traveling, or anytime you want to look refreshed.  This treatment is perfect for every skin type as we combine just the right active ingredients for you.  In one facial you can reduce redness and  tighten & brighten the skin. 

$75 - 45 minutes
(can be added to any Facial or Micro Treatment for +$25)


Calming & Hydrating Treatment

The Rezenerate™ pen utilizes a Nanotechnology Delivery System that also allows for greater absorption of active nutrients, thereby hydrating and re-energizing your skin’s natural beauty over the long term.  It's a painless treatment with short and long term benefits, that when combined with the skin type appropriate serums and two masks, providing you with calming & hydrating relief, with gorgeous results.

$150 / Approx 90 minutes

The Teen Clean

Specifically designed for sensitive teenage skin that requires a deep, cleansing facial.  The Teen Facial is the perfect opportunity for your teen to ask away about the how’s and why’s of their skin.  I’ll provide answers to those important questions and help them learn what it takes to maintain their sensitive skin now, and how to continue care as their skin changes over the years.   This most gentle facial will treat hormonal & bacterial blemishes, without harsh chemicals and your teen leaving with a clean, healthy complexion and a lot of new knowledge and confidence.

$40 / 30 minutes


Anti-Aging & Hydrating Treatment

This anti-aging facial drastically reduces fine lines and wrinkles,  designed to reduce the signs of aging by painlessly creating hundreds of thousands of microscopic permeates on the surface of the skin and infusing specific serums. This painless treatment with  both short and long term benefits, when combined with the appropriate serums and two masks, helps combat intrinsic aging by stimulating collagen production, leaving you with supple radiant skin that continues to show improvement for up to six months.


$150 / Approx 90 minutes

The Deep Cleanse
Specifically designed for those who have problematic skin, this soothing facial effectively penetrates pores to relieve congestion, dissolves blackheads & remove excess cell debris, using a blend of lactic, glycolic & salicylic acids. This gentle, deep pore treatment provides both clarifying & antioxidant actions.  Forget over-drying your skin and start cleansing your skin with healing ingredients. 
$75 / Approx 60 minutes
Chemical Peels
Each Chemical Peel Treatment is customized to the patients individual skincare needs, using Chemical Peels from  Rhonda Allison or PCA Professional lines. We use both non-intrusive and mid-depth peels to achieve the desired effect based upon the patients skin type, condition and current issues. Cost includes up to 4 layers of the face, a complete take home Post Care Solution Product Kit and a follow-up visit approx 3-5 days post peel.  Additional areas/options are available & can be discussed during consultation.  

$140 & up / 30-60 minutes
***All Chemical Peels & Advanced Treatments require prior consultation***

I believe that customized facials are key in providing quality skin care services. There is no “one size fits all facial”.  Even when treating the same client, needs usually change quite frequently depending on the season or various fluctuations within our bodies.  Customized facials are more result orientated with lasting benefits. That is why there are many additional off-menu facials & services, please address your skin conditions & concerns to me during your consultation and your service can and WILL be CUSTOMIZED to YOUR skins specific needs. I want your facial to be a relaxing experience, but you will also find that my priority is in lasting results.  


Let me help you LOVE The Skin You’re In.

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