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 I use both hard wax and soft wax, as different areas of the body require different types of wax due to the thickness or thinness of the skin in that area. For Brazilian Bikini Waxing, I use BOTH hard & soft. The waxes I use are low temp, specialty waxes, the wax is applied just above skin temperature making it very gentle on the skin, yet it's highly effective. The ingredients that make it possible to use at a low temperature also make it leave less sticky residue than traditional waxes.  I absolutely DO NOT 'double dip'. There will be some Aesthetician's that will try to tell you that 'double dipping' is acceptable because of their wax's high temperature. There is absolutely NOTHING ACCEPTABLE about 'double dipping' ever, ESPECIALLY if you are using a high quality wax.  Make sure your Aesthetician is following the appropriate sanitation protocols required - one of which is NO DOUBLE DIPPING-NO EXCUSE.

Bikini Waxing

Regular Bikini                              $25

French Bikini                               $35


Brazilian Bikini Wax                    $55

Full Body Waxing

Underarms                                   $22

Arms                                             $35

Half Leg                                        $35

Full Leg                                         $65

Back                                              $55+

Men’s Chest                                 $55+

Add-On Area’s (each individually)        $10+

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